Increasing efficiency


As part of the process of continually supplying the best sanitary systems and components to the global railway industry, we are proud to announce that our endeavours towards further optimizing the in-house developmental working procedures, as of today, enables us to offer an improved ejector.

Consisting solely of original SEMVAC-made components, the ejector is more than capable of delivering the needed vacuum, and will do so utilizing less air than its predecessor – 20% less, to be exact!

Replaceability-wise there are no shortcomings either. In fact, being a tad smaller (see above picture for comparison) and still carrying the same pneumatic connections, the component is easily installed on running toilets. The physical specification in combination with loose brackets allows for a far more flexible mounting procedure that even eliminates the use of glue when attaching fittings.

Altogether, a superior component that not only meets the strict requirements demanded by train manufacturers today, but does so, offering effortless installment on new or running systems.

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